My Muse is in a fog!


Going through a life changing event, I am learning, changes you.

I feel bitter, sad, lonely! When I am happy its not yet to full capacity . Now I have started a new book, I want to write I really do but my muse is looking at me from across the room arms folded shaking her head… then she shrugs and takes a deep breath, I take one with her. some days she does poke through the hazy fog in my head with ideas, just hints of hope that she is there waiting for me.

Everyday I sit and see if I can write….right now, the only thing I seem to be able to write is on this blog about what is going on in my life…I know there are others out there and it does help to share and talk about it.

Now the book I started writing  is about three friends who decide to do on line dating and its going to get hairy, funny and real! How ironic is this… because now that’s what i’m doing, and finding it very hard… you would think in the age group i’m in, dating would or should be easier…but its not..most guys are out for one thing..And i’m just not that girl.  I feel like a little lamb and been thrown to a pack of wolves! THAT’S when reality stands up and smacks you across your face.  But i’m now trying to look at this as learning experience…and I am getting lots of material for the new book! putting myself out there is fun but also scary.

Here’s the thing maybe I need this time to spread my wings collect info live a little then my muse will step out of the fog and say… GO GIRL lets write this story. Inspiration I found comes from everywhere, and in time I believe things are yet to come that I will get idea’s from.  I know my muse is here, she’s just in the fog,  I’m not waiting for her I believe she is waiting for me!

Dream~Wish~ Believe~


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