Learning to trust myself, My writing and My confidence!


Hi all!  I am getting ready to send my manuscript to the editor,  Absinthe will get polished up and I will get it out as soon as I think it’s ready! in the meantime…. for those of us who write and know this process it puts us in a state of limbo.. this is the time I like to read other books, and take notes on idea’s that roll around in my head. Also I have to write a summery for Absinthe. This is the hardest part..Don’t ask me why…I find it so challenging. I can write a whole book but ask me to describe it in a  paragraph totally puts me in a block!?  So things I have learned and continue to learn everyday..just need to listen to this advice..right?

Don’t compare your work to others especially to a best selling Author. I am positive their first draft wasn’t perfect, and I have no doubts it went through numerous re-writes and suggestions from editor and beta readers.

Every writer is unique, all of us have different strengths and weakness’s. keep learning and build up your weak spots, you may even find a hidden talent in your writing you didn’t know you had.

Set Realistic goals. Some say write everyday no matter what. If you can’t that’s okay too. I wrote two books now, and I do NOT write everyday. Creativity ebbs and flows, highs and lows. Pick a formula of writing that works for you. you may be a night time writer or weekend writer.  I myself let the story sit sometimes for a day or two, this had helped me in so many ways. I get a thought but just leave it, as time passes my story rolls around in my head, the characters are moving, talking, then BOOM I get a better idea and I am on fire writing for the whole day!

Don’t listen to your inner critic. you know who I mean. One of the voices in our head who tells us..that sucked..you can’t write.. people will laugh at you. Fire him/her..ignore that evil voice. Its hard enough to write and create without bashing ourselves over head… Shut it out!

Lastly.. if your just not feeling it on a particular day, and you keep deleting what you wrote, or you think you are blocked, just walk away from it, come back tomorrow or go for a walk. Go to a movie. Don’t force it.. It will come back. I don’t  say I’m blocked because it feels more as if my brain wrote so much it’s swollen with words and phrases…like I need to re-boot my head. So I do the Walk Away... it very much works and does the trick.

Lastly… Keep Writing!! Write when that mood hits, read when it doesn’t.  *Find a class or a writer’s group and TALK about writing. This I can’t tell you enough how important to me this has been.

Talk with you all soon friends. I have some work to do to get Absinthe ready for you.

Dream ~ Wish ~ Believe