One Sip of Absinthe.


Hello everyone! almost finished with my second novel. This story was fun to write. I dabbled more into magic and the paranormal all the while trying to keep it real. how about a taste of some Absinthe……….

Bash and I stand there silent, mesmerized. In the dark we shine the glow of the flashlights on Brandy. She is almost zombie like in her movements and her back is to us. Kneeling on the ground again she bends, puts her ear to the wet dewy grass. Minutes pass, the wind still bellows, Brandy stands and turns toward us. Her eyes clouded over. I gasp and drop the flashlight. Bash pulls me into his arms as we keep watching.

” Very reminiscent of the night I found you like this.”

His statement makes me nauseous, making me want to hold him tighter so I do. The gusts of wind all at once stop. Brandy falls to the ground like a rag doll. We run over to help her.

“She’s knocked out!” Bash exclaims. He holds her across his lap.

“Brandy!” I yell her name tapping her lightly on her cheek.  “Brandy can you hear me?” I grab the water bottle she had, putting some on my hand I spritz her face with it.

Bash nods at me. “She’s coming around.”

Brandy’s eyes open and they are the normal hazel I remember. “Brandy are you okay? You past out. What was happening?”

She sits up and I hand her the water “Thanks” She says on an intake of air. She takes a few more deep breaths and sips more water. “I did an invocation calling. I had a feeling she was buried here, so I took the berries and offered my blood. I diluted it with water so I could see just enough. Prudence came to me. She is definitely here, you were right Sharie she needs help. Like I told you she is at un-rest. Her request is small. Move her near her family.

“But how? Move her…move her where.?” My voice pitches.

“I know where” Bash spoke calmer, his eyes and thoughts some where else….

HAA!  Stay tuned!!!  And find out what happens in my up coming novel ABSINTHE….A Mystery…A Romance…A 200 year old spirit….all because of one sip from a mystical green elixir…